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The process of building or remodeling with Shelton Construction begins with a relationship. As you communicate your goals to us we want to spend enough time with you to really hear and understand your vision; your dreams, desires and views. We do this in our initial, no-obligation, consultation in office and at your land/lot.

Our 4 Step Planning Process

Phase one: We assist you in interviewing and selecting your Architect/Designer.

Instead of pigeon holing you in with one option we understand that while our architects that we use conform to any style, you will want to work with someone who you have good rapport with and who “gets you.” Knowing your budget and goals we attend the design meetings and keep a builder’s eye on them as they progress. Knowing current industry pricing for labor and supplies we will maximize the plan to fit your budget and provide you with a ballpark estimate before it is complete.

Phase two: We walk you through detailed specification meetings where we collect all of your selections.

We do this in an organized a methodical way starting from the ground up and walking through each room of the plan. We equip you with the information that you need, making you aware your options and how they affect the budget. This process ensures an accurate ballpark estimate on your house built the way you want it.

Phase three: We collect the bids.

We do not stop designing until your every desire is incorporated into the plan and we have your approval. Once this is complete we enter into a competitive bidding process of every aspect of the budget. Our pool of vetted subcontractors, held to the same high standards as the Shelton team, submits bids that we evaluate and scrutinize. This ensures the cost effectiveness of the project.

Phase four: We manage and complete the permit process.

Having built all over the Metroplex we are familiar navigating and satisfying the ever changing requirements of cities, counties, HOA’s as well as state building codes adopted in your area. We work directly with the state and county agencies and provide them with the application and all of the items in their checklist until we are issued the legal documents to begin.

Construction Phase: What To Expect
  • Kick off construction meeting- Together we will discuss and review the construction calendar and the schedule will include clear start dates and milestones.

  • Communication is key- Our dedicated team will be responsive to you. You will have direct access to our office staff, the project managers and to the owner. You will receive regular project updates, scheduled site visits with management and instant access to our online communication tool, Build Tools software.

  • Quality Control- You will have multiple project managers inspecting and evaluating the work together to either approve or redirect by catching any problem early. They will be looking for quality and consistency, inside the walls and out, of all building materials and craftsmanship.

Personal Project Management Tools

You will have a personal log-in and every time there is an update, it is pushed directly to you. Here are some of the software features you will enjoy:

  • Automatically receive weekly construction project reports throughout the build process to keep you up-to-date on developments – schedule, deadlines, recent photos, change orders, and other management updates.

  • View construction schedules from your computer or iPhone. Weekly updates from your Project Manager will keep you always informed of what is happening at your home.

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