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Is it past time? Looking for that gourmet kitchen or is your bathroom in need of a fresh new start? What about adding on to your existing home for an expanding family? 
Shelton Construction can help you with all your remodel needs.

Project : Addition/Remodel


This country home of a hunting enthusiast in Hillsboro was completely updated. The wish list included major changes such as enclosing the back porch, adding that square footage to the dining and kitchen area all the way to updating most every room with fresh paint and new design elements.

Project : Attic Remodel


​This family took unused attic space and added a bathroom, media and craft room. By adding this square footage, they were able to get the extra rooms they wanted without moving.

Project : Remodel


This home was made complete with this elegant luxurious kitchen and bathroom.
Designed for both beauty and functionality.

Project : Balcony


​By adding a second story balcony this home added a beautiful view and a serine sitting space to enjoy the view from.

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